AGV unmanned truck

AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles) is also known as unmanned vehicles, automatic navigation vehicles, and laser navigation vehicles.Its distinctive feature is unmanned driving. The AGV is equipped with an automatic guidance system, which can ensure that the system can automatically travel along a predetermined route without manual piloting, and automatically transport goods or materials from the starting point to the destination.Another feature of AGV is its good flexibility, high degree of automation and high level of intelligence. The driving path of AGV can be flexibly changed according to changes in storage space requirements, production processes, etc., and the cost of changing the operating path is very low compared with traditional conveyor belts and rigid conveyor lines.AGV is generally equipped with a loading and unloading mechanism, which can automatically interface with other logistics equipment to realize the automation of the whole process of loading, unloading and handling of goods and materials.In addition, AGV also has the characteristics of clean production. AGV relies on its own battery to provide power. There is no noise and no pollution during operation, and it can be used in many places that require a clean working environment.