In order to ensure the quality of project construction, our company has made the following commitments:

1. Obtain the corresponding level of qualification certificate in accordance with the law, and contract the project within the scope permitted by its qualification level, without subcontracting or illegally subcontracting the project.

2. Establish a quality responsibility system and be responsible for the construction quality of the project.

3. If errors in the design documents and drawings are found during the construction process, opinions and suggestions shall be put forward in time.

4. If it has not been inspected or fails the inspection, it will not be used.

5. Strict process management, and do a good job in quality inspection and recording of concealed projects.

6. Personnel who have not received education, training or failed to pass the assessment shall not be allowed to work on the job.

7. Fulfill the project quality warranty obligations in accordance with the law.

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