Conveyor sorting line

The arrival, unloading, classification, storage, and shipment, classification, and delivery of commodities or goods are bound to pass through transportation and sorting equipment of different complexity, in order to achieve the unloading of these commodities in a short period of time and the rapid and accurate classification according to the commodity variety, shipper, storage location or delivery location, and the delivery of these commodities to designated locations (such as designated shelves, processing areas, shipping platforms, etc.). At the same time, when the supplier or shipper notifies the logistics center to ship according to the distribution instructions, the automatic sorting system must accurately find the goods to be shipped out of the warehouse from the huge high-rise shelf storage system in the shortest possible time. The location, and the required quantity is shipped out of the warehouse, and the different quantities of goods taken out from different storage locations are transported to different tally areas or distribution platforms according to different distribution locations, so that they can be transferred or loaded for distribution, and the function of rapid delivery and sorting is fully realized.