Work requirements of warehouse stewards

Generally speaking, the work done by warehouse managers every day can be summarized as: receipt, delivery, return, stocking; material identification, placement, and ledger (computer system data) corresponding to the collation work;

The reporting and management of "accident materials" (when the supply of materials is delayed due to non-compliance with the delivery date, a shutdown event will be caused, and the materials at this time are called "accident materials").

We often see that warehouse managers spend a lot of time and energy looking for missing goods.We also know that if the inventory information is inaccurate, the materials may be ordered in advance or the order is not timely, either the inventory increases, the capital is occupied, or the order is delayed or even cancelled due to out-of-stock.

These issues are actually related to personal responsibility.The sense of responsibility is a kind of work mentality and a kind of work style.